Bring Out Your Inner Chef With These Tips

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Believe it or not, a person can get tired of pizza, burgers and Chinese. While take-out does have its advantages, dining out every meal ends up putting quite the dent in your budget and can have serious health consequences, especially if the majority of your meals come from fast food restaurants. Now with cooking shows being televised 24/7 there … [Read more...]

First Steps to Take on Your Kitchen Remodel

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So you're finally ready to take the plunge and begin that often talked about kitchen remodeling project. But are you sure you know exactly where to begin? If you're like many homeowners over the years you've accumulated a stack of photos, diagrams and plans all in anticipation of this day. Now it's time to go through the pile and determine what you … [Read more...]

Trash Compactors Can Be Elegant


Over the past couple of years trash compactors fell out of favor with many homeowners for a wide variety of reasons with the most common complaints being aesthetics, smell and noise. Now today's disposals are making a big comeback with lots of really practical new features and you can see several of them at our luxury appliance showroom in … [Read more...]