Learn Cooking From Professionals Online

using your Georgia kitchen

It seems like there is always some sort of cooking show on television every time you turn on the set. The chefs are slicing, dicing, sauteing and baking while making everything look so easy. All those shows get you so inspired but then when using your kitchen in Buford, you realize you have trouble even boiling water. Well now you can learn everything you … [Read more...]

Get the Maximum Energy Efficiency From Your New Fridge

energy efficient appliances

These days all new appliances must meet minimum federal energy efficiency standards. So, by simply reading the information listed on the front of today's energy efficient appliances you have a pretty good idea before even handing over your credit card of what to expect in terms of energy costs once you get that new stove or refrigerator home. Couple that … [Read more...]

Small Appliances Perfect for Small Kitchens

kitchen appliances

Not everyone prefers a large kitchen. Perhaps you really don't like to cook or maybe your home was originally designed with a small kitchen space. Plus many of today's builders are offering less square footage for those empty nesters and baby boomers who want a scaled down lifestyle. No matter how much space your kitchen design ideas incorporates, Georgia … [Read more...]