Draw Attention to Your Favorite Appliances With a Bold Color Finish

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Nothing is more eye-catching that a bold pop of color in an unexpected area of your home, like the kitchen. Most kitchens are all basically designed in shades from the same color palette. Occasionally someone will go wild and do different colored countertops or perhaps paint one cabinet a different shade. But nothing that shouts "look at me" like boldly … [Read more...]

Hate Cleaning the Kitchen After a Meal? Tips to Streamline the Process

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When visiting our kitchen showroom in Buford, we often hear people talk about their love of cooking, but very seldom do they ever mention how much they enjoy the clean up process. Straighten up the kitchen before you begin. Sponge down the counters, empty the dishwasher and clear out the sink. This gives you more room to work. Remember every … [Read more...]

A Great Oven Cleaning Hack to Know

kitchen cleaning tips

Probably one of the most dreaded jobs in the kitchen is cleaning the oven, but eventually it has to be done. Thank goodness most ovens now come standard with a self cleaning feature that takes care of the really hard scrubbing. Unfortunately, you are still responsible for cleaning those grimy baked on oven racks. This job becomes so much easier with nothing … [Read more...]