Learning to Bake a Cake? Use This Handy Chart to Find Reasons Behind Your Mistakes

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After visiting our luxury appliance showroom in Buford and purchasing a fantastic new oven, one of the first things you decide to try your hand at is baking a cake from scratch. You mix all the ingredients according to recipe directions, pop the pans in the oven, and set the timer. The bell dings,¬†imagine your surprise and dismay to discover the cake … [Read more...]

Save Your Meals From Common Kitchen Mistakes

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So you decided to break that new oven in, only to find that you've created a cooking disaster. Before you toss the entire meal into the disposal purchased from our kitchen showroom in Buford, give some of these quick fixes a try. Mushy rice. If the rice is just sticky, then pour into a colander and try separating it carefully with your fingers. … [Read more...]

Learn More About the History of Thermador

buford kitchen appliances

One of the most popular brands we carry here at our luxury appliance showroom in Buford is Thermador. This luxury appliance company was founded in 1916 primarily to build portable and built-in electric heaters. Then in 1932, owner William Cranston joined forces with H.H.Fogwell, and the Thermador Electric Manufacturing Company was born. Over the years … [Read more...]