How Lifestyle Affects Appliance Selection


Trends in cooking appliances reflect home cook's personal tastes, desire for healthy living and time constraints. Whether you cook in a small or large kitchen, your luxury appliance showroom in Buford carries the products trending now. Kitchens and lifestyle Healthy cooking is the biggest cooking trend with kitchen space, layout and types and … [Read more...]

Pick Your Stove Based on Your Cooking Goals


One of the most important things to consider when designing your kitchen in Buford is to choose the right stove. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any stove will do. The stove you choose should be based on your personal cooking goals. The following are three types of stoves you can choose from: Gas - Gas provides instant heat, which means … [Read more...]

Clear Out the Clutter in Your Kitchen for a More Effective Remodel

traditional-kitchen (1)

When it comes to keeping your kitchen space functioning as efficiently as possible, keeping the area clutter-free should be near the top of your priorities. Clutter can make it difficult to cook and waste your time as you search for what you need. If you have any remodeling plans for your kitchen, clutter presents an even greater challenge: how will you know … [Read more...]