Don’t Guess How Appliances Work, Know for Certain by Testing Them in Our Showroom


Wouldn't it be nice to see how an appliance actually works rather than someone telling you what it is supposed to do? Georgia Kitchens provides a luxury appliance showroom in Buford where you will be able to see how a particular appliance functions up close and know exactly what to expect before purchasing it. Farmhouse Kitchen via Houzz We provide more … [Read more...]

Little Tricks With a Big Impact on Holiday Cooking

using your kitchen in Buford

Using your kitchen in Buford for the holidays might not be something that you’re looking forward to. In fact, if you’re like a lot of people, the idea of spending more than a few minutes in the kitchen preparing food for friends and family is enough to send you into a fit. However, cooking for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult – if you’re … [Read more...]

Get Award Winning Whirlpool Appliances at Georgia Kitchens


If you are considering purchasing new kitchen appliances in Buford, for your home or business, you may want to consider some of the Award-winning Whirlpool appliances available. From refrigerators to cooktops, Whirlpool saw a slew of awards given to them at the 2014 Best of Year Awards. The awards were held in St.Joseph at the Home Appliance … [Read more...]