Add Flexibility to Your Kitchen Design With Fridge and Freezer Columns


Options are a beautiful thing. In years past the only choice in selecting a new refrigerator was cubic feet and exterior color. You were pretty much locked into a standard top freezer/side door design. Then appliance manufacturers began to branch out creating such crowd pleasers as the side by side fridge/freezer combination and freezer on the bottom/French … [Read more...]

Break From Tradition for a Tasty Turkey This Thanksgiving

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If you grew up in a household where your Mother prepared oven roasted turkey every Thanksgiving chances are pretty good that's how you do it now that you have a family of your own.┬áBut why not break out of the box this year and try one of these tasty alternatives? We here at Georgia Kitchens think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the … [Read more...]

A Warming Drawer is a Must for Easy Holiday Cooking


A warming drawer is one of those appliances you've probably seen at our luxury appliance showroom in Buford but never seriously considered purchasing. But we're sure once you finally decide to install one, you'll kick yourself for not committing sooner. First, warming drawers don't require much space. With a standard height of only 10" and 36" wide, a … [Read more...]