If Your Food is Baking Too Fast, Your Pan Might Be to Blame

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Do you find that no matter how closely you are following a recipe, your food seems to coming out overcooked or burnt? There could be a number of reasons for this, none of which have to do with the recipes you are using. While one of the reasons for this could be that your oven needs to be re-calibrated, a more common reason for your food baking too fast is … [Read more...]

Dacor is Offering Appliances in a Wide Range of Colors


Dacor is a top brand for many reasons. It’s innovative, high-quality, efficient and stylish. While the last reason is probably not the most important, it’s an added perk that will delight you—especially if you’re in the process of designing your kitchen in Buford.  In addition to Dacor’s fluid and functional designs that make a beautiful statement … [Read more...]

Sub-Zero/Wolf Explains Its Convenient Drawer Appliances


The Sub-Zero and Wolf brands of kitchen appliances have always enjoyed a superior reputation not only for their but manufacture but also for their creativity. In fact, their concentration on only refrigeration and cooking appliances gives them a decided edge over their competition and their newest line of “drawer” appliances continues the … [Read more...]