Storage Ideas to Help Spring Clean Your Georgia Kitchen

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Considering how much the kitchen is used, and how many things are stored in the kitchen, from pots and pans to spices and food, it’s not surprising that the area can get messy. If your kitchen is in need of a solid spring cleaning, then use some of the following storage ideas to help keep the space clutter-free.

  • Pan Rack – Keeping your pans below your kitchen cabinets makes them difficult to access and forces you to bend down to look for them. Hang them up from a wall rack instead for easy access.
  • Sliding Cabinet Drawers – Instead of piling up kitchen items in your lower cabinets, create sliding drawers that allow you to pull everything out and view everything there is to see at one time.
  • Extra Shelves – If there’s a little nook in the kitchen that isn’t being used, put up a few small shelves. The more you can store on the wall, the less cramped your cabinets will be. You can even use a shelf to hold all of your cookbooks.
  • Utensil Holder – Reuse a few cans by nailing them to a board and hanging it onto a wall. Viola! You have a space to hold all of your wooden spoons, whisks and spatulas!
  • Vertical Storage – Think about adding vertical storage space in your cabinets to hold your baking pans or on the walls for your dinner plates.

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